Our salt-aged turkeys and poultry are one of a kind - moist, tender, succulent and bursting with flavour!

The secret is the Himalayan salt blocks we have imported especially for our poultry. We’ve built a special salt chamber where poultry can be hung to mature for a better, richer flavour.


How does salt-ageing work?

The sad, sorry looking poultry you might see in a supermarket have generally been put on the shelf within a short time of the birds being dispatched. This works well for the supermarket supply chain, but doesn’t do much for the flavour!

Just like beef, poultry benefits from being hung a little while before being cooked. During this time, a natural process called autolysation occurs. Enzymes in the meat start to break down the cells and tissue, resulting in a much more tender and better-flavoured bird.

By hanging the poultry in the salt chamber, bacterial growth is inhibited and the humidity levels are kept low. This means the bird can hang safely to allow the flavour to develop. Coupled with our traditional rearing methods that encourages slow growth and a free-range life, Morton’s Traditional Taste turkeys have a flavour like no other.

Will my turkey taste salty?

Absolutely not! The salt blocks won’t make the meat taste salty, and you cook the bird without any special preparation.